My name is Dave Rhea, and my day job for the past 30 years has been building mechanical creatures, simulators, people movers, boat ride systems, and numerous forms of special effects for the entertainment industry and major theme parks around the country. My spare time is spent on my home computer building 3D models using VueTM and PoserTM software packages. I helped create the world behind the award-winning science fiction novel Cyberdrome and also created the book covers, CGI models, and interior "set" images for the book. I am currently working on a bunch of 3D models for a brand new underwater science fiction series (and future comics/graphic novel) called Novum.


My brother, Joe and I are offering an exclusive line of T-shirts, mugs, and posters, all featuring my CGI artwork from the Cyberdrome novel and Novum series. These are Limited Edition items that are not found anywhere else and are all sold at cost (we make no $ from these). Click the links below to see them.

Cyberdrome Merchandise
Novum Merchandise

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